Brua Guitars - Luthier Guitares MOF

Archtop Guitars

Modern Sonic

The Archtop with a modernised design


The sleek Archtop design

Jazz Luxe

An evocative name that delivers on its promises

Lady Butterfly

Art-deco inspired design for an exceptional guitar

Electric guitars


Design and innovations


Sculpted guitar for rock'n'roll

Double neck

To go beyond the limits

The Ridercaster Relic finish

Classic revisited with relic finish

Ridercaster Standard finish

Efficient, the classic revisited

Superlight Hollowbody

timeless charm and featherweight for warm sound

The Sonic

Originality and versatility are the hallmarks of this guitar


Guitar in "West-Coast 70's“ spirit

Acoustic guitars

00 Steel strings

Small format with beautiful sound

The OM steel strings guitar

Exceptional acoustics and sober lines

Concert classical guitar

A must-have model for the classical guitarist